Materia Vivente


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This referencial spot is a prime example of our full-service conduction of a high-class film production under the direction of Wiedermayer & Friends, as well as technical direction of Entech Production.

Our concept displays the birth, the upbringing, and the transition to adulthood of a super sports car. Through the knowledge and experience of generations matter is not only created by the elements of our earth, but animated. It is a living machine with one goal: to discover the world! A sports car that turns into a spirited beast with its own needs, strength and grit.
In order to create this ‘awakening matter’, we installed a studio with approx. 400m² in a hall that could be adapted accordingly to the various different scenes. It took several days of construction before we were ready. The Lamborghini appeared confident on set, knowing that it was going to be the center of attention for the next couple of days.

The initial euphoria of having a super sports car icon on set gave way to the professional routine of a film shooting. We positioned light, filmed, repositioned, laid cables, cleaned, and used up tons of duct tape. The effect shots had been a special task which had been created through numerous layers that had to be planned prior the shoot to be able to edit them subsequently.
The recordings of the original engine and exhaust sounds that had been intoned by the sports car owner himself were not only a highlight for the film team but left our audio engineer grinning from ear to ear.

Finally, we would like to say: Thank you to the great film & equipment team, and heartfelt thanks, in particular to Helmut and Hannes Hofer, for the generous provision of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, as well as the spacious hall for the film recordings.


  • Concept
  • Production
  • Direction
  • Camera
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • VFX
  • Grading
  • Score-Editing
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