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Yacht dealer sales tool

Online and interactive configurators are typically found in the automotive sector.
These configurators facilitate the end customer not only the configuration of their dream vehicle, but simultaneously illustrate a realistic live-model. This stimulates the imagination and generates an emotional bond which can influence the purchase decision in a positive manner.
After a yacht dealer from Mallorca requested an offer for a configuration system, thanks to we were able to go a step further and realise the system completely in real-time 3D.
All configuration options were included and a detailed 3D-model created. By means of the CAD data at our disposal, and high quality retopology the first yacht was created.
Shortly thereafter, we were able to present the configurator created in the unreal engine which contains a freely rotatable, completely configurable yacht model with hundreds of colour options and all kinds of imaginable fittings combinations.

No limits

This enables the end customer in the browser, but also the dealer on the pc, Mac or tablet in the sales room, to accommodate any client wishes concerning colours, materials and layouts and present them live on the freely movable model. The offline version is of even higher quality. Including dynamic light and shadows, motion blur and reflections, as well as high resolution textures, there are no limits to the realistic presentation.
After the client configurated their yacht, they receive a list of the selected options, based on this list the shipyard can immediately make a detailed offer. Owing to this, the yacht dealer is able to save a lot of time in sales.
Furthermore, as shown in our show reel video, it is possible to export video sequences to create video content for all advertising platforms.

Yacht Configurator
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