The Agricultural Technical School St. Andrä im Lavanttal

360° Tour

Our Services

  • Consultation concerning options
  • Planning of hot spots
  • 360° shots on location
  • Design of the user interface
  • Tour assembly
  • Export package for FTP Upload

A different kind of school experience

We created a 360° tour for the agricultural technical school of St. Andrä im Lavanttal’s open house day, which had to be held online in 2021 due to the current Corona pandemic. Thanks to the tour’s integrated video conference tour, the teaching personnel could guide and interact with interested prospective students on the virtual school tour.
The 360° shots that were taken over half a day, show in the finished tour, the school building and integrated hot spots with additional information such as videos and a photo gallery.
The design of the 360° tour adheres to the school’s CI, while the control elements were finished with individual designs. The tour is assembled in a way that it can be easily extended with further panoramas and is optimized for all devices such as desktop use, tablet and smartphone. As the tour is directly loaded on the school’s web space, there is no subscription fee.